Funeral Services

Rouse Funeral Home is a full-service funeral establishment that offers a complete range of services. Each family is unique and we allow the families that we serve the ability to create a meaningful and appropriate way to remember their loved one: The most effective service is one that will accurately reflect the life of the deceased in a way that will help surviving family members come to terms with the death, and thus enable them to realize that life can be good again. Our funeral directors are willing to create a ceremony that is meaningful and fully affordable for you and your family.

Memorial Service

We are dedicated to serving families with the utmost professionalism and compassion. Striving to make the service as memorable as possible, our staff will be there to guide you through all phases of the services and aftercare.

Funeral or memorial costs are dependent upon many factors including choice of services, merchandise and disposition, so it is difficult to accurately provide cost of services without first understanding you or your family's wishes. It is for this reason, our funeral directors are available to meet with you at your convenience. Following consultation we can give you detailed information of what funerals cost would be and offer you cost saving options or payment arrangements.

Cremation Service

A licensed funeral director of Rouse Funeral Home stands willing to assist you in answering any questions that you may have concerning funeral arrangements or other death related issues